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2010/03/27 at 16:51

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ICC: Georgia Provides Evidence of Russian Crimes

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2010-03-18, The Hague, The Netherlands. Georgian delegation consisting of Zurab Adeishvili (Justice Minister), Tina Burjaliani (First Deputy Justice Minister) and Prof. Payam Akhavan of McGill University (Legal Counsel) provided the OTP with further evidence in respect of the crimes committed during the August War, in particular alleged commission of ethnical cleansing.

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2010/03/26 at 02:26

ICTR: Gatete Did Not Transfer Orphans to be Killed

2010-03-22, Arusha, Tanzania. Canisius Ntakiyimana, currently a refugee living in Uganda, testified today that the accused was not present at the Gikoni Ophanage Centre during the transfer of orphans to Kiziguro Parish. On April 9, 1994, he saw Mayor of Murambi, Jean de Dieu Mwange, and others putting orfans in the vehicles, but the accused was not among them. OTP’s case is that orphans were transferred to Kiziguro Parish and killed aorund April 11, 1994.

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ICTR: Nsengimana Moves to Italy

2010-03-23, Arusha, Tanzania. Mr. Nsengimana who was acquitted of genocide, assassination and extermination charges in November 2009, arrived today to Italy, where he will be working as a pastor in a northern Italian parish.


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2010/03/25 at 19:03

Germany: Boere: Former SS Convicted to Life Imprisonment

2010-03-23, Aachen, Germany. The German Court convicted Heinrich Boere, former Silbertanne member, for killings of three Dutch civilians (Fritz Hubert Ernst Bicknese, Teun de Groot, Franz Wilhelm Kusters) in 1944. Boere joined SS shortly after Germans took over Maastricht. Boere’s lawyer unsuccessfully pleaded the defence of superior orders. Judge Nohl pointed out that there was no evidence that Boere attempted to challenge the orders. The Prosecution argued that Boere was a willing member of the Waffen SS. Boere was sentenced to death in absentia in the Netherlands in 1949, a sentence that was later commuted to life imprisonment. In the past, Germany court refused to extradite him to the Netherlands, on the grounds that he may have German nationality, and another one refused to force him to serve the Dutch sentence because he was tried in absentia.

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2010/03/24 at 23:20

ICJ: Judicial Vacancy to be Filled on June 29

2010-03-19, New York, NY, USA. The UNSC passed a resolution to the effct that the election for the vacancy on the bench created by resignation of Judge Shi Jiuyong should take place on June 29.

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2010/03/20 at 15:09

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ICTY: UNSC Increases the Number of Judges

2010-03-18, New York, NY, USA. The UNSC unanimously adopted Resolution 1915 (2010) increasing the number of judges to 13 (over the max of 12 under Art. 12 of the ICTY Statute) until June 30 or completion of the Popović case, whichever is sooner.

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2010/03/20 at 11:16

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