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Germany: Boere: Former SS Convicted to Life Imprisonment

2010-03-23, Aachen, Germany. The German Court convicted Heinrich Boere, former Silbertanne member, for killings of three Dutch civilians (Fritz Hubert Ernst Bicknese, Teun de Groot, Franz Wilhelm Kusters) in 1944. Boere joined SS shortly after Germans took over Maastricht. Boere’s lawyer unsuccessfully pleaded the defence of superior orders. Judge Nohl pointed out that there was no evidence that Boere attempted to challenge the orders. The Prosecution argued that Boere was a willing member of the Waffen SS. Boere was sentenced to death in absentia in the Netherlands in 1949, a sentence that was later commuted to life imprisonment. In the past, Germany court refused to extradite him to the Netherlands, on the grounds that he may have German nationality, and another one refused to force him to serve the Dutch sentence because he was tried in absentia.

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Bangladesh: CAH Perpetrators in 1971 War to be Prosecuted

2010-03-17, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Law Minister intends to initiate investigations and prosecutions for the crimes against humanity committed during the War of Liberation in 1971. The prosecutions will be conducted under the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 1973. The investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating teams will be determined by March 26, 2010. The investigating teams will consist mostly from retired police officers. The prosecution team will consist of 12 current criminal lawyers. The judiciary will consist of 2 district judges, and the sitting judge of the Supreme Court, presiding.

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Serbia: Ganić: Serbia Has No Objection to Trial in BiH

2010-03-15, Belgrade, Serbia. Serbian President Tadic stated today that Serbia has no objection to extradition of Ejup Ganić from UK to BiH, as long as he will stand trial in Ganić.


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Serbia: Suspects Arrested Over 1999 Kosovo Crimes

2010-03-12, Belgrade, Serbia. Nine suspects (paramilitaries and police reservists) were arrested today by Serbian police in connection with murders and looting committed against 200 ethnic Albanians in  the western Kosovo town of Pec in May 1999.


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Israel: 2 Soldiers Charged Over the Operation Cast Lead

2010-03-11, Israel. IDF Military Prosecutor’s Office charged 2 members of the Givati Brigade for using a Palestian boy as a human child by ordering him to open bags suspected of containing bombs during a search of a building in  in Tel al-Hawa during the Operation Cast Lead. Out of 150 investigations opened by IDF in respect of the Operation Cast Lead, 36 have been referred for criminal investigations, and only 2 lead to indictments (including this one).

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South Africa: Rwanda Requests Extradition of Genocide Suspects

2010-03-10, Kigali, Rwanda. The Rwandan National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA) promised to request extradition of Dr Pierre Mugabo and Felicité Musanganire from South Africa where they are working at the pharmacology department of the University of Western Cape hospital. The couple was convicted in absentia by the Gacaca court of Ngoma Sector to 30 and 25 years respectively. If extradited, the accused will have an option to oppose or to serve the sentence. However, there is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

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UK: Galic Freed on Bail

2010-03-11, London, UK. The High Court released Ejup Ganic on bail on conditions including a curfew, obligation to report to the police, and stay at a specific address in London. The security payment in the amount of 300K pounds was provided by “an anonymous lady of substantial means.” and a surety of 25K pounds was put up by the vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham. The accused to appear at a magistrate’s court on April 13. The Serbian authorities have sent to the British authorities some 800 pages of evidence in support of the Serbian extradition request.

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