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ICTR: Gatete Did Not Transfer Orphans to be Killed

2010-03-22, Arusha, Tanzania. Canisius Ntakiyimana, currently a refugee living in Uganda, testified today that the accused was not present at the Gikoni Ophanage Centre during the transfer of orphans to Kiziguro Parish. On April 9, 1994, he saw Mayor of Murambi, Jean de Dieu Mwange, and others putting orfans in the vehicles, but the accused was not among them. OTP’s case is that orphans were transferred to Kiziguro Parish and killed aorund April 11, 1994.

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ICTR: Nsengimana Moves to Italy

2010-03-23, Arusha, Tanzania. Mr. Nsengimana who was acquitted of genocide, assassination and extermination charges in November 2009, arrived today to Italy, where he will be working as a pastor in a northern Italian parish.


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ICTR: Nshogoza: Trial Judgment Upheld

2010-03-15, Arusha, Tanzania. ICTR AC dismissed Nshogoza’s appeal in its entirety. Nshogoza, a former investigator in the defence team of Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda, former Minister for Higher Education, was convicted in July 2009 for meeting with protected OTP witnesses in disregard of protective measures. His 10-month sentence was also affirmed on appeal.

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ICTR: Bikindi: Trial Judgment Upheld

2010-03-18, Arusha, Tanzania.  The Appeals Chamber upheld the trial conviction and 15-year sentence for inciting through the loud-speakers of his car Interahamwe to commit genocide. The OTP’s and Defence’s appeals have been dismissed in their entirety.

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ICTR: Nchamihigo: Sentence Reduced to 40 Years, Several Convictions Reversed

2010-03-18, Arusha, Tanzania. The ICTR AC reduced the sentence of Mr. Nchamihigo from life sentence to 40 years. The accused was deputy public prosecutor in Cyangugu, Rwanda, at the time of genocide, and later worked under a false identity as a member of a defence team at the ICTR.
The AC reversed the convictions for the killings at the Kamarampaka stadium, killings at Shangi and Hanika parish, Mibilizi parish and hospital, Nyakanyinya school, and killings of Joséphine Mukashema, Hélène, and Marie.

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ICTR: Kabuga: The Fugitive is Not in Kenya

2010-03-17, Kigali, Rwanda. Rwandan Foreign Minister confirmed she believed Kenian government that advised that Felicien Kabuga, suspected of financing the genocide in Rwanda was not hiding in Kenya. Kenian assurances contradict a statement made by the US ambassador-at-large for War Crimes Stephen Rapp, made last week, who stated that Mr. Kabuga is in Kenya.

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ICTR: Ntawukulilyayo: Judges to Visit Crime Sites

2010-03-12, Arusha, Tanzania. ICTR TC3 judges hearing the Ntawukulilyayo Case decided visit the crime sites in Gisagara Province between  April 25 and 29, 2010.

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