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Bangladesh: CAH Perpetrators in 1971 War to be Prosecuted

2010-03-17, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Law Minister intends to initiate investigations and prosecutions for the crimes against humanity committed during the War of Liberation in 1971. The prosecutions will be conducted under the International Crimes (Tribunals) Act, 1973. The investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating teams will be determined by March 26, 2010. The investigating teams will consist mostly from retired police officers. The prosecution team will consist of 12 current criminal lawyers. The judiciary will consist of 2 district judges, and the sitting judge of the Supreme Court, presiding.

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ICTR: Nshogoza: Trial Judgment Upheld

2010-03-15, Arusha, Tanzania. ICTR AC dismissed Nshogoza’s appeal in its entirety. Nshogoza, a former investigator in the defence team of Jean de Dieu Kamuhanda, former Minister for Higher Education, was convicted in July 2009 for meeting with protected OTP witnesses in disregard of protective measures. His 10-month sentence was also affirmed on appeal.

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Serbia: Ganić: Serbia Has No Objection to Trial in BiH

2010-03-15, Belgrade, Serbia. Serbian President Tadic stated today that Serbia has no objection to extradition of Ejup Ganić from UK to BiH, as long as he will stand trial in Ganić.


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ICTY: Tabakovic: Sentenced to Three Months in Prison

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2010-03-15, The Hague, The Netherlands. Zuhdija Tabaković, a witness in Lukic and Lukic trial, pleaded guilty to three out of 6 counts of contempt of court. He was accused of accepting E1000 from a former case manager of the Milan Lukic Defence Team for signing a false statement and making a false testimony as well as finding two more persons to do the same. Neither of them testified for the defence but one them testified for the OTP as a rebuttal witness.

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ICTY: Vasiljevic: Mitar Released

2010-03-15, The Hague, The Netherlands. The Tribunal’s President approved an early release of  Mitar Vasiljevic, a former member of a paramilitary group White Eagles that committed crimes in Visegrad municipality. Mitar Vasiljevic served 2/3 of his 15-year sentence. Mitar cooperated with the OTP.  Austrian government noted Mitar’s good behaviour in the prison and his excellent work in the prison’s kitchen.

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BiH WCS: Hodžić: Indictment Confirmed

2010-03-17, Sarajevo, BiH. BiH WCS confirmed the indictment against Nedžad Hodžić, a former member of the Special Purpose Detachment within the Headquarters of the Army of RBiH known as “Zulfikar”, accused of attacking civilians and killing POWs in the Croat village of Trusina in Konjic Municipality. The accused is charged with war crimes.


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BiH WCS: Ikonic: Genocide Indictment Confirm

2010-03-19, Sarajevo, BiH. WCS confirmed charges against Neđo Ikonić, a Commanding Officer of the 2nd Platoon of the Training Center Jahorina of the MUP RS Special Police Brigade, accused of ordering and commanding the detention and execution of Muslims in Srebrenica. The accused is charged with genocide.


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