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ICTY: Tabakovic: Sentenced to Three Months in Prison

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2010-03-15, The Hague, The Netherlands. Zuhdija Tabaković, a witness in Lukic and Lukic trial, pleaded guilty to three out of 6 counts of contempt of court. He was accused of accepting E1000 from a former case manager of the Milan Lukic Defence Team for signing a false statement and making a false testimony as well as finding two more persons to do the same. Neither of them testified for the defence but one them testified for the OTP as a rebuttal witness.

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ICC: Lubanga: Witness Testifies to Bribing and Coaching

2010-03-08, The Hague, The Netherlands. A defence witness, a barber by profession, testifies that the OTP’s intermediary paid him to falsely testify that he was a child soldier, and organized ‘coaching sessions’ on what to say to the OTP investigators.

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