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Spain: Batko Admits to Crimes in Grbavica

2010-03-04, Altea, Spain. According to El Pais, Batko admitted to war crimes committed in Grbavica. Serbian Ministry of Justice announced that it will be requesting extradition of Batko to serve the sentence rendered by the Novi Sad District Court for killings committed in Serbia. Montenegro will also request his extradition to finish serve his sentence for banditry committed in 1998 (he escaped from prison in 2001).  Bosnian Ministry of Justice already requested his extradition for crimes committed in Sarajevo during the Bosnian Wars. Batko is a citizen of Montenegro.

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2010/03/05 at 13:40

UK: Ejup Ganic Arrested in London on War Crime Allegations

2010-03-01, London, UK. Ejup Ganic, former Bosnian president, arrested in the Heathrow Airport in London following a Serbian arrest warrant. Mr. Ganic was a member of the Bosnian presidency. He appeared before the City of Westminster Magistrates Court. The extradition request is over Mr. Ganic’s role in the attack on a JNA convoy in Sarajevo and other incidents. In response, Bosnia also issued a warrant for Mr. Ganic’s arrest.

2010-03-04, London, UK. District Judge Quentin Purdy refused Mr. Ganic’s request for bail. He is represented by Clare Montgomery of Matrix Chambers.

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2010/03/05 at 01:20

Spain: Batko arrested in Spain

2010-03-02, Altea, Spain. Veselin Vlahovic Batko aka “the monster of Grbavica”  was arrested by Spanish police. There are three outstanding international arrest warrants for Mr. Vlahovic for the crimes committed in Sarajevo during the Bosnian wars. He was arrested following a series of armed robberies committed in Spain.

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2010/03/05 at 01:01

ICTY: Karadzic: Trial Resumes

2010-03-01, The Hague. The trial resumed today with the opening statement of the Accused, that described the actions of the RS and SDS as a reaction to steps taken by the Bosnian Muslims and Croats. The accused discounted Serb’s liability for the siege of Sarajevo generally, and  Markale incidents more specifically, as well as denied commission of crimes at the Serb-controlled detention camps.

The Court-appointed counsel, Richard Harvey, was also present at the hearing.

BIRN | RNW | SMH (video) | Jurist | Guardian | MSNBC | Sky (video) | B92 |

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