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BiH WCS: Hodžić: Indictment Confirmed

2010-03-17, Sarajevo, BiH. BiH WCS confirmed the indictment against Nedžad Hodžić, a former member of the Special Purpose Detachment within the Headquarters of the Army of RBiH known as “Zulfikar”, accused of attacking civilians and killing POWs in the Croat village of Trusina in Konjic Municipality. The accused is charged with war crimes.



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2010/03/19 at 13:54

BiH WCS: Three Bosnian Muslims Indicted for War Crimes

2010-03-11, Sarajevo, BiH. Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin and Senad Hakalovic, members of the “Zulfikar” special military unit, were indicted by the BiH Prosecutor for the killings of some 20 civilians near the village of Trusina during the on April 16, 1993.

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2010/03/11 at 23:47